Chuck Coleman

Marital Status Married to Rosa Ann with  3 boys, 11 grand kids, 2 great

Education B.S.

Chuck joined the department  in Feb 2012

Work History Retired Air Force-pilot, Commercial pilot 10 years, Apartment complex manager

EMT, Driver, Paramedic  Driver EMS

His hobbies are, boating, golf

David Hawk

Trey Ahlgren

Attending Auburn University of Montgomery, Fall of 2011.

Employed by the Tallapoosa County Board of Education maintenance department.

For the department I am a driver and certified first responder. I am also Certified Fire Fighter 1 and HazMat certified.

I am also learning to play the guitar.

Louis Jernigan

Butch Myers

After receiving his engineering degree in 1964, Butch served four years in the USAF as a Civil Engineering Officer stationed in Michigan, Johnston Island Pacific and Long Island. He continued in Engineering and Construction working for Eastman Kodak, United E & C, Research-Cottrell and twelve years with Rust Engineers in Birmingham. He spent the last seven years of his working career in Montgomery with Pearson Management, a small construction claims company. He and his wife Gloria, a retired nurse, have been Still Waters property owners since 1998 and after retiring in 2009, permanently moved from Birmingham to their villa at Poplar Point. They have two children, Matthew and Lori. Matt, an Independent Film Producer lives with his wife in Fargo, ND. Lori, a Physician Assistant lives in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband and two boys, Andrew and Aidan. Butch is also a member of the ARC Committee and Neighborhood Council. He and Gloria also volunteer at Russell Medical Center. He enjoys cycling, water skiing and traveling with his wife.